Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So Mom and dad asked me nicely to FIX Daniels Blog. For all that didn't realize it. I (Kristy) am the one who created this blog for Dan so that he would communicate with me while he is Arizona. However Daniel was supposed to change everything once I made it for him. Obviously he didn't, because All the stuff I put on here as joke, such as; The marriage poll and the ABOUT ME was still there. So Mom and Dad asked me to change it because it was embarrassing them. So I hope everyone is HAPPY now. If we could only just get Daniel to actually use this blog It would be nice. I still want to see you house Dan!!


mamateena said...

It's ok Kristy, I got the joke! But I'm with you, he needs to get some pics on here.

Kbear said...

he he he